It’s Simple and Straight Forward

Follow this simple process for a stress free supplying experience:

Identify a Market Agent and obtain contact details of a salesperson who specialises in selling your product (see Market Agents Directory)

Find out what the product requirements are

Visit the Joburg Market, particularly the trading halls, meet the salesperson and familiarise yourself with the Joburg Market’s operations and procedures.

Exchange contact details with the Salesperson, including your name, trading name of the farm, ID number, contact details and banking details.

Obtain a threefold delivery note book with serial numbers.

Make an appointment at consignment control or email registration request to designated officer, alternatively come and see our supervisors/managers to obtain additional information.

Complete and return the Producer Information form provided by officer or via email or in person, with details on which agent to link up with as the Consignment control will then register an agreement with this specific agent or agents as multiple agents can be used at any given time.

The Producer Code Number linked on Sales Processing System (SPS) will be provided by the consignment Control Officer for reference on all consignments entering the market.

Ensure that this code is provided on all delivery notes declared to ensure traceability and reconciliation documents.