Frequently asked questions

The market is a commission market whose main clientele is made up of bulk buyers. But single units of fruit and vegetables (for example a box of tomatoes) may be purchased and even smaller quantities of fruit and vegetable are available from the Mandela Market, Unity Market and Hall 9.

The Joburg Market provides business support services and activities which include workshops for informal traders, fresh produce promotions,  linkages to the City of Joburg Opportunity Cetre located at the Joburg Market premises. 

Joburg Market participates in fresh produce and agriculture industry events in order to provide information on how to access the Market, how to supply produce to the Market and what services, products and business opportunities are available at the Market.

No, the Multiflora Market, which is not far from the Joburg Market, has never been Council-owned. But it is worth a visit: it is the largest flower market in South Africa and works on similar lines to the Joburg Market, serving wholesalers, retailers and single unit buyers. The flower market not only sells fresh cut flowers, but also pot plants and all garden and florist requisites.

The Multiflora Market can also be reached off the Ruven Road turn-off from the M2, and is a little further south down Vickers Road, off Marjorie Street in Regents Park. It is open to the public Mondays to Fridays from 7.30am to 5.30pm, and on Saturdays from 7.30am to 3.30pm. Telephone: 011 613 4011.

The City of Johannesburg decided that it needed to confine its interests to core activities, a decision that led to the forming of the iGoli 2002 plan. The Joburg Market, then known as the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, was deemed a non-core function of the City and was corporatised in July 2000, becoming the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market (Pty) Ltd. The City of Johannesburg, however, remains the sole shareholder of the Joburg Market.

The Joburg Market is divided into six large sales halls, each with its own speciality. See table below.

Processing Hub (formally Hall 1/2)Food processors, packaging material suppliers, seed and related agricultural products, as well as offices for market agents
Vegetable Hub (formally Hall 3/4)Vegetables
Fruit Hub (formally Halls 5/6)Fruit
Potato & Onion Hub (formally Halls 7/8)Potatoes and onions
Wholesale Hub (formally Hall 9/10)Exporters and vegetable and fruit wholesalers

The complex also contains shops where wholesale and retail meat, fish, eggs, groceries and provisions are sold. There are two banks and ample parking for customers.