It’s Simple and Straight Forward

Follow this simple process for a stress free buying experience:

You will need to come to Joburg Market with your ID, and go to our Customer Service Kiosks found at the Vegetable Hall, Fruit Hall and Potato Hall to register as a buyer. The first card issued  for free.  If you lose it later you will be charged R50.

You then go to the Cashiers to deposit money into the card. When your card is loaded with money, you then go to the Sales Agents at any of the trading halls to buy the fresh-produce you want.

The pricing for fresh-produce varies and is dependant on seasonality, as well as supply and demand of that particular item, thus prices normally can change daily.

We do not have minimum or maximum quantity you may buy for. When you buy from the various Market Agents (who sell on behalf of the farmers ) they first book the stock you are buying, thereafter you go to their Cashiers who clear your purchases on the buying card. Thereafter they will issue you with four sets of receipts ( 1 customer copy, 1 Agent’s copy which remains, 1 Gate copy, 1 Courier copy).

It is advisable that if you are buying large quantities you should seek the assistance of Porters, who will load on your behalf for a negotiated fee (nominal). 

Do note that you are not allowed to move from one agent to another with stock – when you buy from one agent that stock must exit.