Welcome to Joburg Market

Johannesburg city, known colloquially as Joburg or Jozi, is the economic capital of South Africa and Africa’s most powerful economy.

It is also home to the largest fresh produce market in the world, the Joburg Market (formerly known as Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market).

Joburg Market is what keeps the City of Joburg going. Whether you want fruit or vegetables, you'll find the best at Joburg Market, a paragon of infinite variety at affordable prices and a one Stop Destination for food lovers and traders alike.

The Joburg Market is a huge, sprawling marketplace that swarms with people from the early hours of the morning like worker ants loading, packing, unpacking, buying and selling all manner of fresh produce.

Perhaps best of all, it's an almost complete free-for-all as anyone can try to sell their tomatoes or mangos or cranberries or whatever through one of the 14 market agents. And anyone can rock up and buy a single pocket of potatoes or several truckloads of onions.

A visit to the Market will expose one to a scene of adrenaline-fuelled energy that attracts retailers, shopkeepers, street traders, restaurateurs, housewives, exporters and all other buyers from all corners of the continent.

In fact, the presence of foreign registered trucks being loaded with fruit and vegetables destined for shipping to countries beyond South Africa’s borders has become such a permanent feature that their presence elicit no particular interest from the market regulars. This is because these people and their trucks are at the Joburg Market just about every day.

Currently, the Market serves about 5 000 farmers from across South Africa who send their fresh produce to be traded to a large buyer base which includes budding entrepreneurs who sell fruits and vegetables on the streets of Johannesburg. As the saying goes, the bag of oranges being touted to you by an informal trader at the robots/traffic lights in Joburg were probably on the tree more recently than those in your big supermarket.

The Market is open to all people from Monday to Saturday and on certain public holidays. Trading starts very early in the morning, from 05h00 AM until 11h00 AM.

The Market is located in City Deep, only 5km south of Johannesburg´s central business district and 26km from the OR Tambo International Airport

Joburg Market is the member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)

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