city of Johannesburg Joburg Market is affiliated to the following organisations below: The Produce Marketing Association The south african union of food markets The Perishable Products Export Control Board The South African National Accreditation System

Marking Requirements

The Joburg Market has implemented marking requirements to address produce traceability. The focus of this programme is to ensure that all produce intended for sale at Joburg Market complies with all relevant local regulations regarding marking of produce. 

By law, all producers must ensure that containers containing fresh produce are marked clearly and legibly on each container or on a label that is affixed thereto with the prescribed particulars as per the Marking Requirements by the Department of Agriculture (DoA) document.  

To facilitate traceability for food safety, quality, sanitary and phytosanitary reasons, all product containers destined for sale on the local as well as export market must be marked with a Food Business Operator code (FBO code) in addition to the name and address of the producer, exporter or owner of the container.  

Click here to download information on applying for a FBO code from the DoA.

This Government Notice outlines grading, packing and marking regulations for fresh vegetables in detail. 

Joburg Market is a member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)