city of Johannesburg Joburg Market is affiliated to the following organisations below: The Produce Marketing Association The south african union of food markets The Perishable Products Export Control Board The South African National Accreditation System

Consumer Protection

The Joburg Market regards protection of consumer safety as non-negotiable. To this end, the Joburg Market has introduced a Food Safety Programme managed and controlled by qualified Quality Inspectors who monitor hygiene and food safety standards of all produce sold at the Market to ensure that buyers receive only the best quality fresh produce.  

The Inspectors also perform end-point inspections on all products entering the trading floor and products already on the floor for their perishability.  

Once a week, random samples are taken regularly from a variety of fresh produce and sent to laboratory for testing to ensure that the produce that ends up on the dinner table is safe for human consumption.  

To further bolster food safety programme, the Joburg Market has invested funds in establishing an on-site state-of-the-art laboratory to the value of R4 million to produce results quickly and improve general response. The Market is the only one in the country with such an in-house facility which is fully equipped, with a full-time laboratory technician who carries out random tests analysis of fresh produce to establish chemical residue levels of the products.  

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Joburg Market is a member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)