city of Johannesburg Joburg Market is affiliated to the following organisations below: The Produce Marketing Association The south african union of food markets The Perishable Products Export Control Board The South African National Accreditation System

Rural Farmer Assistance Programme

The Joburg Market acknowledges the importance of rural farmers in the production of fruit and vegetables in the country. As a result, the Market is rolling out a programme that will enable faster access for rural farmers to bigger markets like the Joburg Markets. 

Under the expert guidance of the Market, emerging black farmers are assisted in reviving old pack houses, building of new pack houses and are provided with packing material. In addition, as a market leader with impeccable standards in terms of food hygiene, the Market plays a leading role in providing food safety management systems to these emerging farmers.  

Joburg Market is a member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)