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CEO Profile

Ayanda Kanana: A READY VISION…

Ayanda Kanana was born for a time such as this - when radical change in an inclusive forward direction is sought after in all executive posts within the public and private sector. He is natural visionary and completely at ease with the idea of change and innovation as key to any long-term transformation.

Kanana’s early life was spent in both the Eastern Cape and Johannesburg; these worlds allowed him to cultivate a personality that is strongly grounded yet progressive enough to embrace the unconventional and weave innovation into the countless projects that set him apart from many in his generation. His love of farming and the agricultural world and deep ties to the land were also formed during this time.

Often he starts his day on his farm or ends it on the property of a fellow farmer. No surprise that he was also a reader of publications like FarmBiz and Farmers’ Weekly before taking the helm at Joburg Market. He lives the values he practices in the workplace, and in his personal life, evidenced by his passion for off-road adventure driving and going on Safari with his two daughters.

Since his student days, it was evident to his peers that Kananas’ approach to accounting and his interests in general, were not standard. Creativity and being able to impact on the treatment of other participants in the sector, were initially the baseline criteria of anything he would care to engage in.

He launched the new #JoburgCA’s Programme and is the first training officer for the City of Johannesburg – the first municipality in the country to be individually accredited by SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Kanana had his first paying job at eighteen years old - which is his only average accomplishment. Having made inroads into his accounting career, a search for an enhanced quality of work-life lead to the public service. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 2008. He has worked as a learning and audit manager, developing learning content to prepare Grade 12 pupils for the job market.

He brings to his role at Joburg Market this considerate intention of equally valuing and recognising all stakeholders and staff. With a strategy that is geared to empower the minority Black farmers at one end of the spectrum - while creating a more sensitive awareness, amongst White farmers, of the tangible changes expected in the sector.

His immediate focus for the Joburg Market is to reposition its’ role in transformation; by initiating farming projects that amplify the role of women and youth. Also to reinforce the mutually important role of farmers, agents and staff – as important stakeholders to the industry.

To demonstrate that the market is an interested service player - more than just a clean, safe facility for produce but also a SMART one. His drive towards direct interaction creates an opportunity for management to better understand the struggles and successes of farmers.

Kanana is definitely a public servant who has his pulse on the many dynamics involved in transformation. He comes equipped with the sharp tools of confidence, informed risk-taking and a passion for taking others with him on journeys-of-success.

Joburg Market is a member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)